Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Reading Opportunities

We had our 2nd Summer Library Checkout time today and, although it got off to a slow, hot start, it was another success!  Again, almost 40 people came to the library today along with three teachers, two administrators, and an additional librarian! Students and families used the iPads, computers, microscopes, and read books.  Bookmarks were created and puzzles completed.  On top of all that, students walked out the door with BOOKS!  It was another fun morning, and I can't wait until July 9th for our next summer library time! 

Brothers bonding over books.

Not only does it give the kiddos something to do, the
adults like the chance to visit!

Reagan shared with me how she finds great books to
read by looking at reviews by her favorite reviewer on
YouTube. Guess who will be using our new Media Makerspace
and reviewing books for Curtis students!
Another way students are showing their love of reading is by logging pages and hours read on Biblionasium.  So far, students have logged in 8 hours 49 minutes of reading and 512 pages! Readers can earn BookFair Bucks by participating in summer reading programs such as this or the Weatherford Public Library's summer reading program. 

One of the challenges I have set for our 3rd-6th grade students is to read the Texas Bluebonnet Nominees.  There are 20 books that are nominated, and students who read at least 5 books are able to vote on their favorite.  The actual winner is chosen by students who cast their votes!  Here is a link to the books:

Texas Bluebonnet Nominees

I have read ten of them, and am starting Freaky Fast Frankie Joe by Lutricia Clifton this evening.  I have hear that it is a book that will catch you and keep you reading!  Sounds like a perfect summer evening book!
Happy Reading! Here's hoping you find the perfect book for you!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Reading the Texas Bluebonnet Nominees

Jangles: A Big Fish StoryJangles: A Big Fish Story by David Shannon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A dad shares a whale of a tale with his son about Jangles, the fish that always got away, until... Told with vibrant illustrations, this story by David Shannon is sure to delight young fishermen, as well as the adults who share this story with them. The humor in the story made me smile as I read lines such as, "Supposedly he gave the baby's momma a dirty look as if to say, What are you doing bringing your precious little baby out here in a tippy old canoe?!"

Be sure to find this book at the library and record it on your Texas Bluebonnet log! View all my reviews

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Curtis LMC Summer Checkout

We had such a good time today at our first Summer Library Check-Out!! There were almost 40 kiddos, parents & teachers! It made my heart happy to have summer visitors in the library! Enjoy a view into our morning! 

Click below for more pictures of our day!

Curtis summer book check out