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Resources for Research for K-3

Thinglink is an easy to use tool for students and teachers.  It enables the user to make an image interactive, adding links, videos, and songs. Students can use this tool to present "book reports" or to share information about a specific topic. Teachers can use this as an introduction to a unit, collecting resources all in one place, or as a tool for small groups or centers.


Are you looking for a fun tool for critical writing?  Try Fodey!  Students can create a newspaper clipping to summarize a lesson, chapter or use for a book review.  Here is an example:

If you haven't used Twitter to develop your own personal learning network (PLN), now is the time to start!  I have discovered that this is a fantastic way to connect with talented people all over the world.  Through following people, I have been exposed to new technologies, resources, and teaching ideas that have helped me become more effective in the library.  If you were not able to attend the staff development that I presented and are interested in getting started using Twitter, email me and I will be happy to help you!  

We now have a subscription to TumbleBooks for students to use.  This site can be accessed at school or home on any internet accessible computer.  Students can read the e-books or have the books read to them! 

Would you like to be able to easily access several websites with your students or be able to give your students one URL address that will give them access to the websites you want them to use that day?  Look no further!  Stich.it is the answer!  At this website, you can copy and paste all the URL addresses for the different websites.  It will then create one URL for you to give to your students or use for your access.  One way I used it was to string together websites for students to evaluate for appropriateness.  Students had to look at each website, decide whether it was a good website for t heir purposes, and make notes about it on a piece of paper.  It is easy to go to the next website by clicking on the arrow.  Students can even move around that website before going to the next one.  Try it out!  Let me know if I can help you with implementing this handy tool!

Have you used Padlet with your class yet??  It is an online message board where you can interact with your students.  You post a question, they post short responses.  Check out one I have created!
Curtis Elementary Library Media Center by Shawna Ford

Take a look at these resources available to you and your students!  Doing research projects? Instead of Google, give students some of these options! 
Teachingbooks.net is a great resource for teaching guides, as well as author websites and more!  Come see me if you have any questions!

Does this describe you??  Let's work together to become 21st Century Educators!  Try  

 with your class.  Students can use this to create videos that describe a process on the computer using screenshots. 

Looking for a new book to read?  Look no further!  Go to
 The Book Seer: What should I read next? and see what wonderful reads await you!

Gives you the ability to access your "favorites" or bookmarks from any computer.  Be sure to click on the link for educators on the bottom right side. Let me know if you need help or have any questions!  You can follow my diigo account by clicking http://www.diigo.com/user/sford24.