Sunday, July 10, 2011

Reading, Reading, Reading!

During this month I will be reading 29 books for one of my classes.  I am using as many Bluebonnet books as possible, so that I can reach my goal of reading the Bluebonnet nominees before school begins.  Turtle in Paradise turned out to be a great book!  I can't wait for some of you to read it!  It was full of unexpected adventures, and because I had been to Key West before, I could really picture the setting in my mind.  The book was set in the 1930's though, so things have definitely changed!  :)

 I also read Wild Times at the Bed & Biscuit by Joan Carris.  It was a sweet story about pets and a veterinarian that takes care of some "wild" guests.  The animals all go through some adjustments as the visitors heal and try to adapt to their new environment.  This book would be a great read for all of you animal lovers!

Hope you are reading too!  Don't forget to visit the public library this summer!

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