Monday, January 16, 2012

Check Out Our "New Books" Shelf!

We have many new books in the library and these are easily found on the "New Books" shelf located near the circulation desk!  One new book that I've just finished is Waiting for the Magic by Patricia MacLachlan.  It is a great story about a family going through some changes: the dad leaves the family for awhile to try to write a book.  Mom, Will & Elinor adopt not one, but FOUR dogs AND a cat, and they all try to adjust to Dad not being there.  Suprisingly, Elinor can hear the animals talk, which is where the magic comes in.  It seems that if you are old enough or young enough or even brave enough, then you can hear the animals talk.  Come check this book out and discover the magic that Will & Elinor and their family find!

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