Wednesday, February 22, 2012

From First to Sixth Grade- We are learning research skills!!

Students have been working on research skills in the library recently.  I was so excited to have first graders come in to learn about WebPath Express and how to evaluate websites.  We talked about different resources for research and looked at websites to determine which ones were appropriate for first graders. 

Fifth graders came into the library and compared the ease of use of a traditional encyclopedia to Britannica online.  They then worked in groups to choose a topic to research using both tools and created a Thinking Map to display their new knowledge.

Then Second & Third graders came in and practiced using Webpath Express and locating the library blog.  The students worked together to brainstorm topics and search for information about those topics on websites found through Webpath Express.  This is a useful research tool for students because the results returned are able to be sorted by grade level and are more appropriate for school research.

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