Monday, November 5, 2012

Book Character Pumpkin Decorating

Curtis students and their families helped make our library a very festive place last week!  Students were encouraged to participate in the Book Character Pumpkin decorating contest and they came through in a BIG way!!  One after another, the pumpkins came in!  I couldn't believe my eyes; they were ALL so creative!!  Like these, for instance!! "Gruffalo" was brought in by a family who has recently relocated to Weatherford from Ireland! 
There were so many incredible entries that I was thankful I didn't have to judge!  Altogether, there were about 50 pumpkins.  I had encouraged "family participation" and it seems the families had a great time together creating their book character pumpkins.  One mom shared with me that she remembered doing this when she was in school and was excited to get to do this with her boys!  Here are their pumpkins, "Pete the Cat" and "Tin Man"!

This activity was a hit and we will certainly do this again next year!  Here are some more pumpkins!


And finally, because we called it a "contest" we had to pick winners... even though, quite honestly, they are were all FABULOUS!!

GREAT JOB, Curtis students & families!  Thanks for making the library a fun place to be during Halloween!   

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  1. Could you possibly also post the template you used on the orange paper I see in the pictures? And the letter to encourage parent involvement?