Sunday, April 7, 2013

Shelf Challenge for School Library Month

April is a GREAT month!  It is a month to celebrate School Libraries!  This year, for School Library Month, I joined Matthew Winner (read about his finds here) and several other librarians, in a Shelf Challenge.  I am to read every book on the "N" shelf in my Everybody section.  I am a few days behind in my post since this week we have been testing, but so far, here is what I found!  :)

I was surprised when I realized how few picture books I have on the "N" shelf!  If I can get going, maybe I can also read the "O" shelf!  :)

Day 1 The first book on the shelf is The Lunch Line by Karen Nagel. Kim forgets her lunch at home and must decide what she can buy for lunch for her dollar.  The math activities were designed by Marilyn Burns.  It has only been checked out by a couple of teachers in the past four years.  The book is about 17 years old, and I'm thinking maybe we need to go ahead and weed it. ;)

Day 2 The second book on the shelf is Who Made This Cake? by Chihiro Nakagawa and Illustrated by Junji Koyose.  A birthday cake is being made for a little boy by his toys. The book has recently been checked out by one of our kinder students and was adopted as a "Birthday Book" in 2009, when it arrived in our library.  It is a cute book!

More to come!

Happy Reading!

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