Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Throwdown (Attacking my TBR Stack!)

I am enjoying participating with other readers in the Summer Throwdown , which in the past has been a friendly competition between teachers and librarians to see who could read the most books. This year, readers are just competing against their own TBR (To Be Read) stack, which mine stays miles high!  This competition was started by some teachers & librarians I follow, or have started following, on Twitter (Jillian @heisereads, Brian, @brianwyzlic, Sherry @LibraryFanatic, and Kathy @thebrainlair).  Over 100 other teachers and librarians are participating in the contest, and hopefully the TBR stacks are shrinking!  :)

Today, I am beginning my 13th Texas Bluebonnet nominee for this year.  The book is called Glory Be by Augusta Scattergood. The book is set in Mississippi in 1964 and deals with the racial tension during that time period.  Glory Be, just days before her 12th birthday, is worried about the threat of the community pool being closed during the heat of the summer due to "outside agitators" trying to make it possible for ALL in the community to swim.  I've just started, but will share more about the book when I finish!

I set my goal at 20 books, and you can see to the left what books I have read so far.  At the halfway point, I am well on my way (18 books so far!) and anticipate updating my goal to 30 books! 

What are you reading on this rare, rainy cool JULY day in Texas?? It is a PERFECT day to curl up with a book!

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