Wednesday, September 3, 2014

FINALLY! Curtis Learners in the Library!!

Today was the first day students came to the library and it was wonderful! Thanks to inspiration by other librarians, I had created a video QR code tour of the library. With our recent renovation, sections had been moved around for better flow, and I wanted students to get the feel of the new space. In previous years, I had led classes around the library & talked about each section, but this year older students are using iPads and scanning QR codes to become familiar with the sections.

Sixth graders were first to arrive and they did a great job navigating the new space!

Third graders came next, and they enjoyed the tour and trying out the new stools in the makerspace!

With our 2nd graders, we read Goldie Socks & the Three Libearians and talked about choosing just right books! Students were then able to select two books for check-out and try out our new  "Read & Meet" areas in the library!

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It was a great day in the library!


  1. What is your "Read and Meet" area? I am trying to rearrange my library space and I like the sound of that! :)

    1. Thanks for reading! The Read & Meet area is just a leisure reading area where the students meet for their book club conversations or to hang out and read during their library time.