Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rocket Launch- Take 1

Curtis students have been very fortunate to be able to participate in an education outreach project of Tarleton State University Aeronautics team. 5th and 6th grade students, as well as our after school maker club have all Skyped with the team in preparation for their visit. You can read more about our Skype here.

After an unexpected weather delay, the day had finally arrived for Michael & Andrew's visit to Curtis. The weather was a little cool and damp, but it wasn't raining, so it looked like the launch was on!

We started with a presentation with our 5th & 6th graders, where students were able to learn and ask questions about rockets and the competitions, as well as get a look at the 3D printer they had brought.

The 3D printer was great for the students and teachers to see since we will be writing a grant for one for our campus. As teachers watched the printing process, their minds began spinning with all types of curriculum tie-ins! 

We headed outside then to watch Michael and Andrew launch the rocket they brought. The students lined the perimeter of the field and waited patiently for the rocket to launch.

Unfortunately, the video of the launch isn't great, but you get an idea of how exciting it was to see it launch.

After school, the maker club came to the cafeteria for their presentation and to get their rockets ready for launch. They had designed their rockets, and Michael & Andrew had printed the rocket components. The students had to pack the parachute and assemble the rockets before launching. 

 Just as in real life, sometimes technical difficulties delay a launch. The team from Tarleton was just as disappointed as the students, but due to launch issues, they could not guarantee the rockets could launch safely. They shared this with the students and promised to come back the next week! 

We will be ready to launch next week! The students are learning so much through this experience, not only about rockets & aeronautics, but also patience! :)

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