Monday, September 2, 2013

Welcome Back! And Please Touch the Displays!

We have finished our first week of school, and it was so great to have the students back in the building! After weeks of preparation, the halls were full and the sound of students filled the air.  Tours of classes came through the library, and I had fun showing them some of the new things we had done to the library over the summer.  Everything was PERFECT! Everything was in its place!  It definitely won't stay that way though, and I'm completely OK with that! 
Our Graphic Novel bookshelf will not look this full again until May, when all books have been turned in!  But that is OK! :)

Our Texas Bluebonnet book display will not look like this again, at least not until after voting! In fact, as 6th graders came in for checkout on Friday, many of these books left with them.  But that is OK! :)

The display of some of our favorite chapter book series will not stay neat & nice like this.  Books will be askew, the Ivy & Bean dolls will move around, and bins will be empty.  But that is OK! :)

I'm OK with all of this because this is only a fun place when students are in here, checking out books, talking about books, creating, collaborating, and connecting! This is not a museum, with books on display.  Displays are meant to be taken apart. I love when students ask if they can checkout a book on display.  PLEASE, YES! Take a book from the top of the shelf! That is my goal when I put that book there!

So, welcome back! Come in often! And, yes, please, mess up the displays!


  1. I am so happy to see you are not bothered by shelves becoming a bit messy! Mine get that way too, but then I realize how much the students love browsing, making their own selections, and enjoying coming to the library. No reason to sweat the small stuff! I always say my books are in order two times a year..beginning and end of inventory!

  2. Thank you so much for reading my blog post! It is funny how I have to remind the students that I WANT them to take the books set out on the top of the shelves, that is the whole reason I put them there! :) Have a wonderful school year! :)-Shawna