Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Historical Fiction with 5th Grade

Monday, 5th graders looked at different genres of fiction, focusing on historical fiction for this week. After brainstorming some of the genres, we talked about what makes a book historical fiction.  I had started a Google presentation about historical fiction that you can find here and students would add information to it.  To make it easy to access, I added the link on the 5th grade Symbaloo here.

The students could click on the tile labeled "Historical Fiction" and easily get to the Google presentation. Each group had a laptop and a picture book that could be categorized as historical fiction. Their task was to type in the title and author of the book and then share what historical event or person was depicted. Time ran short, and we weren't able to get them completely finished, but will complete these in future visits and continue this process with other genres.
As students were choosing books for check out, I encouraged them to consider checking out a historical fiction book, reminding them of the 40 Book Challenge some of them are participating in. We even reviewed how to search for different types of books in the catalog, both by topic and by keyword.
My hope is that they will be excited about trying different genres of books when they are choosing.

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