Monday, November 11, 2013

Media Maker Club, aka Digital Bookworms

As you can see by the title, our students exercised their voice and changed the name of their club. They decided, after some debate, that they wanted to be the Digital Bookworms, and so they are!

The club members first worked on creating an account on Biblionasium. We talked about what a great tool this is for not only keeping up with our books, but also recommending books to others. The students were very excited about logging in and making recommendations!

We have been connecting with my friend, Shannon Miller and her students in Van Meter, Iowa.  At our last meeting, we were able to connect again, which was a lot of fun!. After several students from Van Meter performed a song they were working on, we talked about ways we could connect and create. After some discussion & brainstorming, we decided to collaborate on a blog to share different types of projects. These two clubs have lots of great ideas, and I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with!

Already, students have created videos to advertise our book fair, brainstormed questions to ask other students about making book trailers, and had some of our group members explain how to use Animoto.

At the end, we posed for a group photo that will be a part of our new blog that we are doing with our friends in Iowa. You will have to check it out!
Creative Connections Club

Our goals are to connect, collaborate & create and this new joint blog is sure to help us meet these goals!



  1. Love the name, Digital Bookworms! Please tell your kids they are inspiring me and I think they are SO AWESOME! I can't wait to meet them and connect them with my #SLAC. This is an absolutely amazing group of kids, and an amazing club Mrs. Ford. Inspiring!

  2. Awesome Club!
    I love the experiments that y'all do!